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Irvine Music Festival offers an enriching and memorable experience for participants and parents, faculty, and guest artists. See what they have to say:

Speaking in general about the entire festival, participants said:

"Everything was wonderful."  


"More than expected!"  


"Thank you for a great, memorable experience!"  


"I wish the Festival was longer."  


"Really, really fun."  


"Love the Festival!"  


"Good food.  Awesome people, too."

Recreation was a favorite for many participants, as well:

"Recreation time helped the students bond, by the end of the festival we were all good friends."  


"Recreation provided the time and activities for the participants to get to know each other and befriend. Truly a wonderful experience!"  


"Days were long, but there were many opportunities to relax and be amongst other participants."

The Festival's Specialty Classes received high marks:  

"The presentations and recital provided a different aspect of music that I was not familiar with, but am now very interested in."

Wonderful remarks also came from guest artist, violinist Guillaume Sutre:

"I was very, very impressed with the quality of the students who performed but also with the attention and those who were listening!  I had an amazing time there."

Another participant commented:

"The experience at the festival was one-of-a-kind. Chamber music repertoire was challenging and with guidance and coaching from faculty, we were able to execute well. Orchestra music was diverse and entertaining. Lessons from faculty provided a different set of eyes and ears for the participants."

The Festival was unique and each day was different:  

"Every single day there is a new surprise."   


"Each day’s schedule was different; the Festival was not monotonous and each day was fun."

Parents also had positive comments regarding the Festival:  

"It was really joyful and impressive music festival not only for [my child], but also for myself."  

"I can tell [my son] is even more serious about music."


"[My child] and I really want to participate in your music festival for next year!!  Actually, any time..."


"[My son] surely had a great experience and made beautiful memories at IMF."  

Board and faculty members also received high marks:

"Board and faculty were all incredibly supportive and kind to us; spending the days with them made the experience worthwhile and memorable."  


"I thought the staff was easy to reach with questions or concerns."  


"The faculty and board were engaging with the participants and made all aspects of the Festival enjoyable, from chamber music rehearsals to lessons to orchestra rehearsals."  


"Great faculty."

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