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Irvine Music Festival

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Irvine Music Festival is a non-profit, intensive summer classical music program designed for passionate and dedicated young musicians, ages 14 and up. Now entering our 5th year, it is taught by a world class faculty of highly regarded performing musicians as well as educators, all of whom are committed to inspiring and nurturing budding musicians who wish to take their mastery to the next level. Both merit- and need-based scholarships are available.

Message from the Founder

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I welcome you to a momentous 2019 season of the Irvine Music Festival! After several years of successful programs held at Irvine Valley College and Chapman University, we are proud to announce a partnership with Concordia University Irvine. Nestled in a gated community on 70 acres of land, the campus provides gorgeous panoramic views of Orange County. The planned completion of the 38,500 square foot Borland-Manske Center will provide our participants with access to an extraordinary building for practice rooms, teaching studios and performance spaces. Shared dormitory housing provides students from other regions the opportunity to safely reside on site for the duration of the festival.

Growing up in Irvine, my fondest memories of my teenage years are filled with music: rehearsing Mendelssohn string quartets, soloing with the Pacific Symphony Orchestra, performing Bartók's Divertimento for Strings with my teacher's youth orchestra, the award-winning music program at Irvine High School - the list of events and remembrances is endless. Indeed my decision to follow a path in music was a calling heavily influenced by the many dedicated teachers I met and outstanding programs I was so very fortunate to take part in during those precious days.

After being away from Irvine for several years and having lived in many wonderful places, my return to Irvine was greeted by an even more thriving arts environment than ever before. I am thrilled to be part of such a vibrant, supportive community that acknowledges and supports music education. I realize how important it is to give back to this community that gave me so much - to continue passing on the rich musical traditions and values that I am so fortunate to have experienced here.

The Irvine Music Festival is an embodiment of this spirit of cultural riches. Dedicated, gifted and passionate young musicians and the resources of a nurturing community are the centerpiece around which an outstanding faculty gathers to provide artistic inspiration and musical expertise, all encompassed by the breathtaking natural beauty of Southern California.

Much as Irvine's educational culture was for me in my formative years, it is my sincere hope that the Irvine Music Festival will be a wonderfully powerful memory for our young musicians for years to come.

                                                                            -Iman Khosrowpour

                                                                                                                                          Founder and Artistic Director